MISSION: The Mission of Guardian Elder Care is to deliver superior healthcare in the communities where we serve. We provide high-quality and compassionate post-hospital care, long-term care, and in-home care to our patients and residents, which also brings comfort to their loved ones. Our therapists, nurses, and staff constantly strive to exceed the expectations, both of our patients and their families, in an atmosphere of dignity, respect, and integrity. Our commitment to passionate care, servant leadership, and continuous improvement results in outcomes that maximize the well-being of those to whom we provide service.

VISION: The Vision of Guardian Elder Care is to deliver the best possible healthcare services today, while constantly improving our practices and services to provide outstanding results to the individuals we will serve tomorrow. Guided by our mission and legacy values, we are relentlessly driven to achieve the best outcomes for those whom we serve.

VALUES: The Values of Guardian Elder Care include Compassion; Benevolence; Personal Courage; Servant Leadership; Egalitarianism; High-Energy, Enthusiasm, and Passion; Commitment; Service Excellence; Integrity; and Constant, Continuous Improvement.